Your lodge in KAJU

We invite you to reconnect with nature in our tropical paradise beneath the kaju tree. Your mind, your spirit and your body will thank you for the time you set aside to find yourself in our green haven. Just 10 minutes from major beaches, your island home will remain with you forever.

Relaxation, reconnection and rejuvenation require a large open space where you simply sink into Mother Nature's hands. Coconut palms and the kaju tree provide shade around the pool, attracting wildlife into your space. Monkeys may pass through to see you are ok, whilst swallows, water birds and the brightly coloured kingfisher is bound to come by to see the pool in the mornings and evenings.

The lounge pavilion provides space should it rain or should you wish to read or dine in the shade. Dining is available indoors and outdoors, with the kitchen a central hub beneath the kaju tree.

Seven stylish twin-share environmentally-friendly bungalows incorporate contemporary designs with Sri Lankan construction traditions. Our spacious grounds ensure that each cabin enjoys complete privacy and its own private bathroom.

Clever design features include wide-spread use of natural fibre and direct access to private viewing areas from your own suite. Natural cooling is enhanced with our selection of local, natural materials. Our beds provide storage for luggage whilst still accommodating either friends or couples with our flexible bedding arrangement.